Love doesn’t need a reason. Love is always in season.

Legendary pop-artist Keith Haring used New York City’s subway and streets as a canvas to spread his message of love and equality. The new styles use Haring's colourful design to let his work live on when we all need it the most: every day.

  1. Keith Haring Dancing Sock

    Keith Haring Dancing Sock

    As low as AUD19.95
  2. Keith Haring Gift Box

    Keith Haring Gift Box

    As low as AUD59.95
  3. Keith Haring Heart Sock

    Keith Haring Heart Sock

    As low as AUD19.95
  4. Keith Haring All Over Sock

    Keith Haring All Over Sock

    As low as AUD19.95


Like the legendary pop-artist Keith Haring, we believe colour and creativity make the world a better place.

Inspired by our shared passion for turning the everyday nothing into a thing of beauty, this exclusive collection is a celebration of colour and creativity, designed to spread love for all.