Bring out your true colors this summer with the Swimwear collection in iconic Happy Socks patterns, designed to reflect your personality. Choose from a wide variety of iconic patterns and colors, and add that extra splash of happiness to your wardrobe.
  1. SDT114-6300_1.png

    Pool Slider Dot

    As low as AUD54.95
  2. SDT114-7000.png

    Pool Slider Happy

    As low as AUD54.95
  3. SDT114-2200.png
  4. PAB116-9000_M.png

    Palm Beach Swim Shorts

    As low as AUD84.95
  5. WAT116-9000_M.png

    Watermelon Swim Shorts

    As low as AUD84.95
  6. Optic Square Swimsuit

    Optic Square Swimsuit

    As low as AUD94.95
  7. SDT104-0100_1.png


    As low as AUD79.95
  8. SDT122-2000.png

    Floaty with Dots

    As low as AUD69.95