Two is greater than one. Your adorably awkward actions need matching reactions. A something-amazing-just-happened phone call deserves an answer. Give us a drink, and we’ll give you a toast. Invite us to dinner and we’ll make it a party.

The best things in life are worth sharing. Done together in pairs, duos, couples, groups, troupes, and flocks. The Fall/Winter 2021 collection explores and celebrates every side of the special synergy that only comes in sets of two or more.

This season we’re all better together.


”Please do not touch the art” is a sign of unfairness. Art is a shared experience. If it can move us, then we should be able to at least lay a finger on it. Right? Right. So if you’re trying to have a conversation with a piece but the glass wall keeps interrupting, a well-placed pair of socks can be a real breakthrough–if you know what we’re saying.

Guided by the folk-art movement’s collective spirit, the collections invite you to walk on the gallery’s walls and stand-in for the statues with collections that present art as a free-for-all in more ways than one.