Is the internet the greatest love/hate relationship of all time? Share your thoughts in the comments section. But if there’s one thing we can agree on about the wild worldwide web, it’s this: what’s considered ugly – or pretty – is purely a matter of personal taste.

Inspired by the movement that made dad-sandals capable of setting the sartorial scene on fire, we’re diving into Ugly Fashion. It’s a dress-for-yourself mentality meant to break every traditional fashion rule. This fun-loving world elevates the everyday into high-end designs and treasures the odd and the outstanding. And needless to say, it’s a place where we feel right at home.

Feast on bizarre strips of technicolor bacon. Pet the poodles patrolling where the grass is always greener. Redecorate your home with fantastic plastic lawn chairs and lava lamps. This collection is the best worst news of the season.

Sock on one foot, sock on the other foot: done. It’s easy to fall into a routine. We get it – the simplicity is seductive but let’s remember why you fell for Happy Socks in the first place. So to spice things up, we returned to our roots.

Fueled by our love for making everyday things into extraordinary sock designs, we’ve reimagined our prints as the source of their inspiration. From armchair and coffee table legs to shaggy rugs and shady lamps, we’ve put our socks in places you’ve never imagined.

You say mess, we say masterpiece. Kids are the best because they can’t be bothered with being bored. Born to explore, they don’t ask for permission to color outside the lines. From the living room window to the walls and that beige couch in between, everything is a blank canvas when you have a child’s creativity and crayons.

We want the next generation to treat the world like one big coloring book. To keep filling in the blank until the day when they have kids of their own.

So sweet it hurts. The Spring/Summer 2022 collection includes a range of thin and delicate qualities, offering you plenty of breezy style saviors for the sunny spring and summer months.

Like a knitting party at your grandma’s house – if she lived in a trashcan full of sugar. This season, Hysteria gets cute and wholesome in a disgustingly delicious way. Inspired by lavish amounts of lace cloths, flowerful embroidery, and jars full of sweets, this collection is a kitschy fever dream.

A love letter to a simpler time. When the broad-shouldered suits in your dad’s closet looked sharp. The fabrics were breezy, loose, and full of air like beautiful balloons. More was still more. And now, the order is restored.

Walking in the larger-than-life era’s footsteps, this selection of vintage styles brings a playful yet tailored touch to your wardrobe. Business or pleasure? The collection’s designs can both take the edge off your suit, and make your off-duty outfit look well-earned.