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Let’s Sneak a Peek

We hope you’ve had a brilliant start to your new year, and that your feet are ready for new adventures. This coming season, we’ve got some really big plans. We’re talking about socks, of course. In order to properly convey all the amazing details of the socks, we’ve enlisted the help of our very own creative director, Paula Maso.

“So for the spring/summer season we wanted to really inspire people to move! Music is an amazing artistic expression, so it made a lot of sense to explore what happens when we bring that energy to our socks. Spring and summer is also a great time to embrace music and go to festivals, or dance the night away at a forest rave.”

I take it that music and festivals will be an overarching theme of the whole SS ‘24 collection, then?

“Yes, we just loved watching the revival of the party scene post-pandemic, and were really inspired by all the creative ways people express themselves. In a way it’s a merging of old and new, as people try to capture the glory of days gone in new and fun ways. We wanted to likewise tap into all that energy and enthusiasm.”

Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming collection highlights!


First Rate Second-Hand

So this first sock looks kind of like a patchwork of many different patterns. What was the inspiration for this sock?

“When we make our socks, we draw inspiration from many different things. Of course, we look at macro trends within fashion, but we also seek the small things in life that cause the corner of our lip to twitch. Something we’ve seen recently is people thrifting and mixing and matching to make their own unique outfits, which is very inspirational. So we wanted to do something in that vein. What we ended up with was this kind of quilted patchwork design, but we added our own patterns. It’s also a shoutout to DIY handicrafts, and an homage to all the amazing grannies out there.”


Why Not Denim?

Moving onto our next sock from the new collection, we got a denim inspired look. Can you tell us about that?

“Denim’s seen a huge resurgence in recent years—which makes sense since fashion is cyclical—and we started thinking about what could be done in regards to socks. Now, making socks out of denim turned out to be not that great, so instead we shifted onto a more denim-inspired look. These new socks are the result, a fusion of fashion and function.”


Rave About Fashion

Now these socks are really cool. What’s going on here?

“Yeah, as I said previously, one thing that really inspired us this season is the energy and enthusiasm of dancing and parties. The rave aesthetic, in general, is something we’ve explored a lot this season. So this sock is really a result of that exploration. So say we’ve got the denim sock on the one end of the spectrum, where it’s more of a music festival vibe, and then we’ve got this one, which is more midnight rave. The holes and neon stitching were really inspired by the types of outfits you’d see at those types of events.”


Let It Rain

Wow, these socks are certainly different. What’s the origin story?

“Right, this design is inspired in equal parts by fresh grass and muddy festival fields. These socks are crafted from so-called multicolored “Space Yarn”, which is the result of a process involving applying multiple colors to a length of yarn. We’ve been trying many different new ideas in order to diversify our socks even more. With this technique, every sock becomes completely unique, and the colors bleed together to create this really cool effect.”


Some More Color

This sock also looks super unique, is it also made using “Space Yarn”?

“So, no, but you’re right that it’s a different dyeing technique from our usual stitched socks. This sock is made using a dip dye technique, where we actually dip the sock in a vat of color, to achieve a gradient effect. So it does share a similarity to the “Space Yarn” in that each sock will come out different from the next, giving you your own personal sock.”

That’s so cool! What was the inspo for the colors?

“We introduced using this tie-dye look to our socks not so long ago, and when we thought about how to apply it to this season and realized it really matches super well with this trippy, hippy dancing type of aesthetic, which slotted nicely into the theme of festivals and dancing.”

And with that…

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek of our coming collection. Stay tuned for the release on Jan. 30, where we’ll drop the full collection, “In the Mood to Move”, with many more amazing socks!