Food Lover Socks Gift Box 4-Pack

Fresh of the Happy Socks menu: the 4-Pack Food Lover socks gift set comes with four ingredients, delicious pizza socks, a jumble of your favorite junk foods, mouthwatering burger and fries style, and a sizzling barbecue pattern that's sure to make you feel smokin'!

86% Cotton, 12% Polyamide, 2% Elastane


Sock Size 36-40 41-46
EUR Shoe Size 36-40 41-46
U.S. Sock Size 9-11 10-13
U.S. M Shoe Size 4½-7½ 8-12
U.S. W Shoe Size 5½-9½ 10-12½
U.K. M Shoe Size 4-7 7,5-11,5
U.K. W Shoe Size 3,5-6,5 7-11
JPN Shoe Size 23-25,5 26-29,5
CN Shoe Size 23-25cm 25.5-28cm