Make art for the masses. Think. Print. Repeat. Pop art never stops.

Andy Warhol’s quest to make art accessible to all continues. The new designs take his iconic screen prints from the gallery wall and put them where they belong: on your feet and in every corner of the world.

At Happy Socks we've been captivated by Ruvan's documentation of life in New York over the past 9 months. For those who live in NY, it has been reassuring to see a true representation of the city. For the rest of us, it has been an insightful report into what’s been going on both in the community in general as well as on a deeply human level. However, Ruvan’s Photography has been inspiring us for years with the way he captures color, light and nature juxtaposed to his documentary work recording people, moments and emotions.

In a year where face masks have become a new constant in our everyday lives and in turn masking our human expressions, we, together with Ruvan, wanted to explore what’s been hiding underneath the face mask. With the design of our face masks we’ve aimed to allow people to bring forth their personality and express themselves despite masking half their face. With this documentary it’s our hope and ambition to spark a sense of joy and perseverance during this tough moment in time.

To give you some deeper insight into the thoughts that went into this project we interviewed Ruvan to get his perspective on the project.

You shot these portraits near Union Square on Friday, 6th of November. In other words: US election week and ballots being counted. In the midst of all this, what was your set up and how did this project come together on the day?

It must have been quite a crazy time to be out there, what were the vibes in the streets and with the people you photographed?

How relevant do you think the date was to the outcome of the photoshoot and its concept?

With your amazing eye for capturing the core of your subjects as well as their setting, how would you say the face mask has affected how people express themselves?

Do you think face masks will be a permanent tool in our society moving forward, even after the pandemic’s resolution?

How has the past 9 months changed the way you see your city?

How would you describe the general spirit in New York CIty at the moment?

How has the past 9 months changed your work? Both from a practical perspective as well as a conceptual one?

  • Which settings do you feel most inspired in and why?*

What is the one thing that, without fail, always makes you happy these days? (TIes into the pandemic)

What advice would you give to any aspiring photographers out there, especially at the moment?


This image is of Hassan feeding his cat!

This image is of Hassan feeding his cat!