We’ve seen many amazing sock patterns and cool sock designs throughout the years, so our excitement was great when we tasked our techies with compiling a list of the patterns that sock lovers love the most. So without further ado, here are the five most popular classic prints

Here’s Our Top 5 Classic Prints

At number five we have no other sock than the inimitable …


This delicious sock comes in at number five, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Who doesn’t love bananas? Not only are they perfect for your belly, they’re also perfect for your feet!

In fourth place, we find …


People have been sating their hunger for fashion with these burger socks for a while now. Year after year, these foodtastic socks score near the top of our lists for most popular prints.

Here’s the moment many of you’ve been waiting for. We’re moving on to the top three most popular prints. At number three we find none other than …


At Happy Socks we’re all about positive energy and good vibes, and what better way to manifest great times than with these skyward fingers. The universe conspires to move us in different ways, but if you plant your feet and up your thumbs, good vibes are bound to come your way.

Our second most beloved classic print is…


Few things beat a cuddly pup, be it in your lap or on your feet! These delightful socks will have you wagging your feet, every step of the way.

And now for the coveted number one spot. Our winner is …


Our number one most beloved sock is none other than the Cat Sock! Unsurprisingly, these feline foot covers are always in demand. After all, these cuddly companions spread cuteness wherever you go.


Some real surprises in there, even for the most hard core of sock lovers. We asked some of our designers to chime in on the list and here’s what they said:

“These prints are simple, yet fun. Our classic prints are the embodiment of Happy Socks, in a way. We’re the original colorful sock brand, and many of these iconic prints are what started us down that path.”

“All these prints are very nice to look at. Our first sock was Big Dot, which, as the name implies, featured a bunch of big dots. It’s still one of our most popular prints, having made the top five many times, but just barely being outshone this time. Most of our classic prints follow in the footsteps of Big Dot, being a repetition of colorful symbols.”

You can check out the full classic collection here:

Last but not least we are happy to say that all of our classic socks are made from 100% organic cotton, in line with our sustainability goals. Happy Socks are also working with Better Cotton, the world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton, in order to improve cotton farming practices globally. Moreover, our innovation team is hard at work on testing recycled cotton as a material for our socks, so stay tuned.

Until next time, stay happy!