You’ve stepped into a bold new world. A happy place where color and creativity rule! Welcome to the Secret* Sock Society of Happy Socks! - Or HSSSS for short.

Created by a renegade group at Happy Socks HQ, this is the kind of operation that’s run out of a cleaning closet when the office lights are turned off and everyone has left the building. Very hush-hush and off-the-books, we want to build the ultimate creative space for our fantastic fans – also known as you!


Consider this an appetizer of what we might be cooking up in the very-very-very, very-very, and very near future.

A Chance to Resurrect designs from the “dead”

A Very Merry Holidaze Special

Ultra Exclusive Limited Edition giveaways

First-hand access to products that you won’t find on the shelves

#Winning Competitions

As an official member of this glorious groups’ email list, you’ll be the first to know about loads of hush-hush stuff like:

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• Exclusive product drops

• Club competitions

• Promotions

And much much more stuff that we can’t talk about too loudly.

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Afraid that your cat might be an interdimensional demonic being? Or are you just feeling a bit chatty?

Send the Big Dot your letter, with or without a picture of your lovely/demonic/dog/cat and Big Dot will give you the answer you deserve.

P.s Big Dot is more likely to answer the dog letters than the ones without. D.s.


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