Make Your Own Advent Calendar

    What shows more love than a handmade gift? Not everyone is a DIY master though... We have the perfect solution. An advent calendar you easily assemble from ready-made elements: a 18.3cm x 12.8cm box , 24 paper gift bags and 24 numbered stickers. The biggest fun is still up to you – to choose what you put in! It comes empty and ships flat-packed, with an easy-to-assemble guarantee.


    Sock Size 36-40 41-46
    EUR Shoe Size 36-40 41-46
    U.S. Sock Size 9-11 10-13
    U.S. M Shoe Size 4½-7½ 8-12
    U.S. W Shoe Size 5½-9½ 10-12½
    U.K. M Shoe Size 4-7 7,5-11,5
    U.K. W Shoe Size 3,5-6,5 7-11
    JPN Shoe Size 23-25,5 26-29,5
    CN Shoe Size 23-25cm 25.5-28cm

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