Men's Trunks

Let’s face facts: Underwear is funny. Choose from our dozens of colorful designs to find the perfect pair to express your fun-loving nature. Keep them in your rotation for the all-day comfort and flattering fit.
  1. Andy Warhol Banana Trunk

    Andy Warhol Banana Trunk

    As low as $29.00
  2. Mix Max Trunk

    Mix Max Trunk

    As low as $17.50 Regular Price $25.00
  3. Leaves Trunk

    Leaves Trunk

    As low as $13.20 Regular Price $22.00
What's problem with men’s underwear? Well, it takes itself way too seriously. Turn that nonsense on its head and fill your underwear drawer with colorful Swedish-designed men’s trunks. With dozens of quirky colors, wild patterns and unique designs to choose from, you'll find plenty of great styles to get your wardrobe’s foundation in a much happier place. Better yet, you’ll discover our men’s underwear is more than skin deep when it comes to comfort. The soft, breathable, combed cotton in our men’s trunks will keep you snug and secure all day. Your best outfit will look smooth thanks to the flattering, secure fit of men’s trunks by Happy Socks.