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AAT & Fab Store (RUS)

Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov are twin brothers who create their works together. Artists use anthropomorphic characters as a symbol of connection between adult and child, modern human and primitive.

“These characters have always been the first conductors into the world, to the knowledge through fairy tales, cartoons, toys. Anthropomorphism impersonates irrationality, fantasy, mythological consciousness and a sense of immortality – what we lose when we grow up.”

For Aleksey and Anton this connection and attempt to keep it are deeply personal as well as common to all mankind issues.

Instagram: @aat.brothers

Aat Brothers Sock

Local Heroコレクションから、ロシアの兄弟アーティストAleksey & Anton Tvorogovが手がける、遊び心あふれる斬新なデザイン。

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Throughout the years, Happy Socks expanded its reach to over 70 countries. While all collections are still designed in Stockholm, Sweden, the Happy Socks team came up with a new concept called Local Hero.

Collaborations are a vital part of Happy Socks' DNA and have contributed in the brand remaining relevant since it initiated the socks market in 2008.