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Falko One (ZAF)

Falko One picked up a spray can in 1988 as a traditionally hip hop influenced graffiti artist and has been painting on the streets of South Africa ever since. In the last decade, he has honed years of experience into his own style, straddling the thin line between fantasy and reality.

Falko does not paint canvass artworks. His inspiration lies as much in the life that surrounds the wall as the wall itself, most notably seen in his Split piece and Once Upon a Town projects, now in its 6th year. “A canvass is too contained. It’s very hard for me to make sense of the image without a natural background” he says. His work has sent him across the world, more recently his recognizable elephants can be seen in the UK, France, the USA, Senegal, India, and UAE.

Instagram: @falko1graffiti

Falko One Sock

南アフリカのグラフィティアーティストFalko Oneが手がける、色鮮やかでエネルギッシュなデザイン。

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Throughout the years, Happy Socks expanded its reach to over 70 countries. While all collections are still designed in Stockholm, Sweden, the Happy Socks team came up with a new concept called Local Hero.

Collaborations are a vital part of Happy Socks' DNA and have contributed in the brand remaining relevant since it initiated the socks market in 2008.