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Pasta Oner (CZE)

Pasta Oner is one of the most original figures on the Czech contemporary art scene. Ever a creative mind, Pasta Oner has, in the recent years and in keeping with his graffiti and street art roots which go back to the turn of the millennium, focused on asserting himself within the system of independent and publicly funded galleries.

He weds pop art to cartoon, transcending both categories. Although he touches, at the core ofhis philosophy, on the principles of post-production, Pasta Oner stands apart from the current trend of post-conceptualism and blazes his trail in the Czech art world as a media-savvy and widely known, if slightly controversial artist. The bulk of Pasta’s work is concentrated in acrylic painting, wall art and the design of spatial objects, sculptures, installations and murals, i.e., large paintings in the urban space.

Instagram: @pastaoner

Pasta Oner Sock

チェコ出身のPasta Onerが手がける、カラフルでクリエイティブな遊び心溢れるデザイン。

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Pasta Oner Sock

チェコ出身のPasta Onerが手がける、クリエイティブでヴィヴィッドなデザイン。

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Collaborations are a vital part of Happy Socks' DNA and have contributed in the brand remaining relevant since it initiated the socks market in 2008.