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配送先: 日本

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Scha Dara Parr (JPN)

In the beginning of the 90s Hip Hop groups such as A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul had a very different style to the mainstream Hip Hop available nowadays. Scha Dara Parr was strongly influenced by such groups. By combining Japanese subculture and new Hip Hopstyle they created an original kind of Hip Hop referred to as “Omoro Rap” and brought it tothe Japanese music scene.

The group consists of two MCs, Bose and Ani, and one DJ, Shinco. Scha Dara Parr is often compared to rap trio The Beastie Boys due to their lyrical style, presence, and music. When pushed to describe the rebelliousness of their music, the group answered that “many of their songs are simply fragments of conversation without polite words”. The group is best knownfor their 1994 hit single, “Kon’ya wa Boogie-Back” featuring Kenji Ozawa, which attained salesof over 500,000 units.

Scha Dara Parr Sock


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Scha Dara Parr Sock


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Throughout the years, Happy Socks expanded its reach to over 70 countries. While all collections are still designed in Stockholm, Sweden, the Happy Socks team came up with a new concept called Local Hero.

Collaborations are a vital part of Happy Socks' DNA and have contributed in the brand remaining relevant since it initiated the socks market in 2008.