Holiday Socks Gift Boxes

Holiday Socks Gift Boxes

This is the season for cozy toes for the whole family! The happy holiday season is even more joyous when you wear festive socks that let you celebrate in unforgettable style.
  1. Holiday Gift Box

    Holiday Gift Box

    As low as € 29,95
  2. XBDO09-4000_O.png

    Holiday Big Dot Gift Box

    As low as € 34,95
  3. Tree Sock

    Tree Sock

    As low as € 9,95
  4. Reindeer Sock

    Reindeer Sock

    As low as € 9,95
  5. Holiday Lights Sock

    Holiday Lights Sock

    As low as € 9,95
  6. Stripe Sock

    Stripe Sock

    As low as € 9,95
  7. Bauble Sock

    Bauble Sock

    As low as € 9,95
  8. Big Dot Sock

    Big Dot Sock

    As low as € 9,95
Wish you had some colorful holiday socks? Well, you must have been good because Santa is granting your wish with this collection from Happy Socks. If you want Christmas socks, we’ve got you covered, whether it’s for a work party, family gathering or waking up early on Christmas morning to open presents. Of course, there are other holiday options, too. No matter what you celebrate, there are socks to match your personal style. Bold pops of color represent the energy of the holiday season. Fun patterns make holiday merriment even more merry. Delightful designs are a guaranteed conversation starter. So, stock up today for yourself and those on your gift list. After all, nothing says “Happy holidays!” like a stocking stuffed with Happy Socks!