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Kurven din er tom

Kurven din er tom

Main Collection

For Fall/Winter 2017, we worked with rich autumnal colors including deep burgundy, warm teracotta and olive green, interspersed with lighter pastel shades like pale green, rose pink and baby blue.
As with each season you'll also see Happy Socks classic pop colors, including pomegranate pink, crimson red and canary yellow.

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Happy Socks believes that making the right choices in the morning can lead to a happy day. Deciding on the perfect pair of underwear is just one of those choices, and we want to help you make a good one! This season, our vibrant Underwear selection is available in a wide range of colors and patterns to give people the options they need to start their day happy.

For the men's collection we have trunks, boxers and briefs, and women can choose between the mesh and cotton hipsters. All styles are available in a selection of our most popular patterns, including Big Dot, Filled Optic and Paisley, as well as new seasonal patterns for Fall/Winter 2017.

Dot Mesh Hipster
Vanlig pris: kr 149,00 Spesialpris: kr 89,40
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A selection of colorful Happy Socks' designs are also available in children's sizes. The characterful designs reflect the bright, pattern-driven styles of our main collection, so the whole family can co-ordinate their Happy Socks!

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With light compression, arch support and a cushioned sole, Athletic socks provide a secure and snug fit for people who like to move.
Perfect for wearing while shooting hoops, skating, or even just heading to the gym, the Athletic line provides you another fun way to wear Happy Socks!


Happy Socks' elegant Dressed collection offers men a more tailored option from their favorite sock brand.
Made from mercerized pima cotton produced in unique growing conditions along the northern coastal vallys of Peru, durable Dressed socks are highly resistant but still incredibly soft and silky. The exceptional result is designed to match the expectations of men looking for a stylish, high quality dress sock.

Happy Socks AB
Valhallavägen 66
114 27 Stockholm