For Fall/Winter 2017, Happy Socks main collection is a playful reflection of the passionate spirit, and the people who carry it. Their passion is an inspiration to us, and now we want to pay tribute to their unwavering determination to take the road less traveled. 

Meet Adam Midkiff and Hunter Pritchett, also known as the Goldenboys. The culinary duo has made it their mission to push their creativity each and every day, while spreading their delicious craft to the mouths of as many people as possible. 




A spoonful of creativity


Chinese Pop-Up Chefs Adam Midkiff and Hunter Pritchett aren’t just in their line of business to make great food. They love the happiness their mouth-watering dishes can inspire: “It’s amazing to see someone really enjoy something we’ve created.”


Drawing from their own experiences of Chinese food in the red- lacquered restaurants of the USA’s East Coast and the humid and rowdy street food stalls in Southeast Asia, the pair have invented a new concept with a uniquely Southern Californian spirit.


Pop-up passion

Now better known as the Goldenboys, their moveable guerrilla pop-up restaurant allows them to indulge their passion for Chinese food and push their own creative boundaries: “Being a chef you get to learn something new everyday, so everyday you have something to learn and look forward to. You can carry on pushing yourself in this direction to make yourself better, and we have fun doing this!”


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