It’s no secret that dogs are huge fans of Happy Socks, but they aren't our only four-legged friends who are partial to a pair. 

Cat owners (if there's such a thing as “owning” a cat!) know there’s nothing felines love more than finding somewhere warm to curl up, with extra happy cat points if they can pad the spot with Happy Socks!
Meet these five cats who are almost as crazy about Happy Socks as their people are! 

Photo: Instagram @claymate__creatures
If Pumpkin could talk she’d definitely be saying: “Hey human, don’t you touch my Happy Socks!”

Photo: Instagram @and_filipe_ribeiro
This cat loves Happy Socks so much he’s gone cat-atonic! Quick, someone get him his own pair, stat!

Photo: Instagram @jackogrodowczyk
Ramos has found the best spot for a catnap! Let’s just hope his owner doesn't need a pair of socks anytime soon... 

Photo: Instagram @thatcatconrad
Conrad knows this position isn’t the most flattering, but when Happy Socks got you feline so good, who cares?

Photo: Instagram @rina_takei
Guinness tells all his friends his gold eyes were the inspiration behind our metallic dot socks. They’re not convinced, but he’s always trying to purr-suade them!

Does your cat love Happy Socks? We would love for you to share your photos with us on social media and they could make it onto our blog!