Passion inspires us; which is why we’ve fallen for G4SHI (pronounced Gashi). The American rapper dropped out of high school and left home to make his dream come true; a goal he recently achieved after releasing one of the hottest singles of 2017 and signing with the legendary record label Roc Nation.  

Born in Libya to Albanian parents, G4SHI isn’t your typical American hip hop artist: “I got into music while I was growing up in Brooklyn. I always had friends who liked rap, and although I couldn’t speak English at the time, I’d see how rappers would write these funny rhymes. One time I went home and wrote my own 16-bar rap. Hip hop started everything for me.”

G4SHI is proud of his past as an unsigned, independent artist. His first mixtape, Last of a Rare Breed, was hosted by hip hop and R&B producer Don Cannon and featured tracks with heavy weights like Nipsey Hussle and French Montana. In 2012 he founded Moxy, a crew which aims to bring together artists from all kinds of creative backgrounds. 

5 years later, in June of 2017, G4SHI announced that he would take his talents to Roc Nation, a legendary record label founded by Brooklyn icon JAY-Z. He also released Disrespectful, one of the most popular songs of the year with over 27 million streams on Spotify. 

He credits his success to his relentless passion for what he does: “I’m so passionate I scare people away! I’m so passionate that I come over emotional because if I wasn’t, my music wouldn’t be what it is.” 

G4SHI shares our pursuit of happiness through creativity. He isn’t afraid to be himself and to stand out from the crowd. His passion is what makes him unique. Without it, he’d simply be another rapper. We hope his story will help you step into this fall season in style.

Check out G4SHI’s Autumn/Winter ‘17 favorites and express yourself!

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