For Fall/Winter 2017, Happy Socks main collection is a playful reflection of the passionate spirit, and the people who carry it. Their passion is an inspiration to us, and now we want to pay tribute to their unwavering determination to take the road less traveled. 

Meet Gunner Foxx, the Mad Master Hatter of Hollywood. A true passionate spirit, and inspiration. 



Passion takes time


When Gunner Foxx began learning the art of hatmaking from his grandfather, he wasn’t immediately enthusiastic: “It was a chore, I hated it. There was always a bunch of old guys hanging around playing gin rummy, and I just wanted to be out with friends causing trouble”.

Little did he know, that those “old guys” were the likes of Marlon Brando and Robert Mitchum, and he would follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to become Hollywood’s master hatmaker. 

Gunner believes that there should be an agreement between the Hatter and the Wearer. That a hat should hold a lifetime guarantee, and produced for one head in particular. Which is what makes him unique - and maybe a bit mad. But in the best passionate, way possible. 

Using early-19th century hatmaking methods and felting techniques no longer used in the modern hat industry, he has created unique pieces for films, actors and musicians. Gunner now opens his workshop doors to the average Joe, so everyone has the opportunity to own a small but significant piece of his creative passion. 

Gunner’s passion for his craft and will to create something unique for each customer, is why we choose him as a passionate spirit. 


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Passion takes time