That’s right, Halloween’s here again! It’s time to dig out the devil horns and cover practically everything you own in fake blood.

It's this spooky time of year we realise there are two kinds of people in the world. There's the kind that loves creating their own Halloween costumes, spending hours sewing together a homemade straightjacket or painting their whole body to resemble a decomposing corpse.

And then there's another kind entirely. You know, the kind that fakes the flu two days before Halloween to avoid even having to set eyes on a plastic spider. If this sounds more like you then we’ve pulled together a list of Halloween costumes that aren’t really Halloween costumes at all, but get you off the hook when someone complains you’ve not made any effort.

Halloween Outfit

(Photo: @tit3.viet - Instagram)


Thick-framed black glasses. Stick-on handlebar moustache. Slip-on tattoo sleeve. Sorted.

Clark Kent/Superman

We’re not talking rubber-clad Man of Steel, more along the lines of Clark Kent just as his superhuman hearing kicks and he needs to fly off and save the world. All you need is a Superman t-shirt peeking out below a semi-open shirt and a tie pulled slightly to the side. Super simple.

Halloween Happy Socks

We couldn't write a blog about Halloween costumes that require no effort without mentioning our hauntingly good Halloween-themed Happy Socks! Three spooky pairs featuring gravestones, ghouls and cobwebs come packaged in a spine-chilling gift box. Best of all, you can say you’ve dressed up when all you’ve really done is get dressed!
Halloween Gift Box
Little Black Dress (LBD)

A little black dress never goes out of style, and best of all, it can totally pass as a credible Halloween outfit! When someone asks you what you’re meant to be you can look them dead in the eye and say: “A reflection of my soul.” Creepy.

Future you

What’s scarier than knowing what’s going to happen in the future? This Halloween, dress up as the future you, walk around with a knowing look on your face and quietly comment every time anyone around you does anything (we mean anything): “Going to the movies tomorrow, eh? Wouldn’t do that if I were you. Can’t tell you why though, don’t want to mess up the future.” You’ll be the most popular person at the Halloween party!

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