When Happy Socks first started in 2008, we made it our mission to spread happiness and color around the world. In the last nine years we’d say we’ve done a pretty good job at doing this, as our products are now sold in more than 90 countries and on every continent!

Happy Socks fans really do come from far and wide, and that’s something we’re immensely proud of. They’re an adventurous bunch who love exploring, and are often caught camping in the wilderness, kicking back on the beach, or even atop a snowy mountain!

If you’re in need of some wanderlust inspiration, just take a look at this lot who are rocking their Happy Socks in all the far corners of the world!

Photo by @sisadoe.
Temple Socks 

If you needed more incentive to take a trip to Indonesia, look no further! Who could resist a backdrop like this? The epic scenery in Bandung makes for the perfect place to show off a colorful pair of Happy Socks, although we must admit, we think they look great anywhere!

Photo by @guilhemlacaze. 
Bark Socks

Happy Socks are not for the faint-hearted, as this daredevil proves as he cycles hands-free through New Zealand. Our colorful socks have been known to make people happy, but this is proof that when you’re happy you’re also brave (don’t try this one at home, kids!).

Photo by @pacumet. 
Stripes & Dots Socks

You don’t have to be somewhere remote to have a Happy Socks adventure! Happy Socks are perfect for all occasions, from trekking in the outback to wandering around the city. Sip a sangria, settle down to a paella and enjoy the vibrancy of Valencia!

Photo by @r4s. 
Stripe Socks 

What’s more relaxing than lying back on the beach and listening to nothing but the sound of the waves? Happy Socks are the perfect companions for these moments of relaxation, but then again, they’re the perfect companions for most moments!

Photo by @adventuresofrobertl. 
Filled Optic Socks

Out of all the Happy Socks adventures we’ve seen, this one may be the most adventurous! Or maybe we mean “crazy”...what do you think? It doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the day, we like our customers like we like our socks, offbeat with more than a touch of eccentricity!

Carry on sharing photos of your Happy Socks adventures! We love seeing them, and you could end up on our blog. Remember to use the hashtag #HappinessEverywhere, and always tag our handles so we can find your pics!