It’s one of those trends that’s everywhere, but if you’re not an Instagram model it never looks quite right. WRONG! You can wear socks with heels and you can make it look so good people will think you personally invented the look.

Still not sure? We’re about to convince you so hard that you’ll be the one persuading us to try it out by the end of this post.

Photo @darjabar with Happy Socks

There’s no shoe more essential to every woman’s wardrobe than a pair of classic black pumps. There isn’t a single outfit they don’t go with (we challenge you to find us one). But you know what makes them look even better than they already do? Finding the perfect pair of socks to add a bold and unexpected detail. Not only does it give your look that extra something something, it means you can wear the pumps all year round. WIN-WIN.

Photo @whatwearhow with Big Dot Socks

You might think because summer is on its way (apparently) that it’s time to shut the sock drawer ’til Fall. Wrong again! Warmer days mean heeled sandals, and heeled sandals are just another unmissable opportunity to show off your socks. It’s almost like sandals were invented purely as a way to show off socks. So bring out the colorful dresses, grab a bright pair of Happy Socks and wear them with open toe sandals for a super cool summer look.

So there you have it. The case for wearing socks and heels is strong, and we think you’ll agree they actually look perfect together! As always, wear with confidence and you can't fail to look great.

We’d love to see how you wear your Happy Socks with sandals, so go ahead - take a snap and share it with us on social media! Remember to use our handles and the hashtag #HappinessEverywhere so we can find your posts.