Spring is exciting for two reasons:

It’s not winter anymore (yay!)
You can finally change your shoe lineup

Both these things are worth celebrating, but the second comes with a question so hotly debated it threatens to overshadow the whole season. This question is so controversial it’s been known to split up BFFs and lead to the breakdown of marriages.

So here it is…we hope it doesn’t cause you too much distress: when it comes to sneakers, do you wear them with, or without, socks? There, we said it. It’s one of the season’s most pressing questions, and deserves serious consideration.

Both sides argue good points, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to make up your own mind. All we can do is present you with the facts, and hope you come to the right decision for yourself. It’s pretty obvious which side we’re on, but we’ll try to keep it impartial.

With Socks

The right pair of socks is to sneakers what icing is to cake. They add the finishing touch, and never fail to effortlessly pull a look together.
Colorful socks add character to sneakers, and can make a casual outfit look instantly more considered. What’s more, they always help you to express your identity a bit more, so you feel confident in your personal style! Even if you go for a pair of liner socks that no-one else knows you have on, you do and that’s what’s important.

Oh, and this one’s kind of obvious - you’re not going to wash your sneakers after every wear, so wearing them with socks can prevent any, ahem, scents developing. So you can also think of them as comfortable and stylish sneaker protectors that keep your footwear fresh!

Without Socks

Sometimes an outfit just doesn’t need a pair of socks, and that’s OK. Shorts or flowing dresses worn with sneakers is one of summer’s most popular looks and it can be nice to embrace bare ankles. BUT, for all the reasons mentioned above, this is when liner socks
really come in handy! They don’t compromise your look, but you still get all the benefits including comfort and odor-free sneakers. They really are the best of both worlds!

However you wear your sneakers this season, wear them with confidence! How you choose to express your personal style is all that really matters, so at the end of the day you can wear them in whatever way you want.

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