Local Hero is our most extensive collaboration yet! We chose inspirational figures from 15 international markets, and gave them a carte blanche to design their own exclusive pairs of Happy Socks. Representing Russia are twin brothers Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov, better known as AAT Brothers.

Local Hero - AAT Brothers

Using anthropomorphic characters as a symbol of connection between adult and child, modern human and primitive, AAT Brothers hope to replicate the sense of wonder we lose as we grow up. This connection is deeply personal to the pair, who consider it an integral part of themselves and their art.

Their Happy Socks’ design is an ironic but playful metaphor that reflects their existing style and themes. Using a dog with human characteristics sitting peacefully in a meditative pose they hope to share the message that happiness comes from within. They explain: "Happiness everywhere starts from happiness inside. The path to happiness and harmony can only be conscious. Let's follow this path together!"

Local Hero - AAT Brothers

Their focus on happiness is something we share, and their design perfectly matches our own aim to spread happiness to every corner of the world. Colorful and thought-provoking, AAT Brothers’ fun design can’t fail to make you smile! They are just what we hoped to achieve with the Local Hero campaign, and add just another facet to this eclectic and truly international collection.

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