Local Hero is our most extensive collaboration yet! We chose inspirational figures from 15 international markets, and gave them a carte blanche to design their own exclusive pairs of Happy Socks. Our South African Local Hero is hip-hop-influenced graffiti artist, Falko One.

Falko One

Falko One first picked up a spray can in 1988, and has been painting the streets of South Africa ever since. Over the past decade he has honed his style, an amalgamation of thought-provoking fantasy and reality. His pioneering work has seen him travel around the world, most notably his recognisable elephant project can be seen in the UK, France, the USA, Senegal, India and the UAE.

Falko's inspiration lies in the life that surrounds the wall, as much as in the wall itself. He does not paint on canvas, believing it is too contained and doesn’t offer the same inspiration as a natural background. This is most notable in his Splitpiece and Once Upon a Town project, which is now in its sixth year. The project is his dream transformed into reality; he visits small rural towns across South Africa and paints homes in the hope of changing the owner’s perception of its value and to give them a sense of pride in their community.

His active approach to spreading positivity is what makes him a perfect Local Hero. His Happy Socks designs are brave and bright, just like his outlook!

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