Local Hero is our most extensive collaboration yet! We chose inspirational figures from 15 international markets, and gave them a carte blanche to design their own exclusive pairs of Happy Socks. Our French Local Hero is designer trio Papier Tigre.

Local Hero - Papier Tigre

Based in central Paris, Papier Tigre conceive, manufacture and retail design-led items for the home, desk and written correspondence. Their sensitivity to color, patterns and materials, combined with their keen interest in technology, is the perfect formula for creating beautifully designed items.

Like us, the designers want to turn everyday items into something very special. They share our dedication to detail, as well as a desire to travel and gather inspiration around the world. Sharing another of our values, they are also inspired by the “everything and nothing”, constantly gleaning new ideas from everyday life. It’s their creative spirit that makes them the perfect representative for France in our Local Hero campaign.

Local Hero - Papier Tigre

Echoing their passion for desk and written correspondence items, their Happy Socks’ design is a tribute to the paper industry. Clean aqua blue lines sweep across the white trunk and upper foot, with a red margin running down the sock. Breaking down barriers between the Happy Socks world and the stationary world, this simple but fitting design can’t fail to make you smile!

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