Local Hero is our most extensive collaboration yet! We chose inspirational figures from 15 international markets, and gave them a carte blanche to design their own exclusive pairs of Happy Socks. Portugal’s Local Hero is provocative illustrator and internet icon Wasted Rita.

Local Hero - Wasted Rita

Since starting her blog, Rita Bored, in 2011, Portuguese artist Rita Gomes has amassed a huge fanbase around the world. Her black and white illustrations are charged with emotion, packed full of apathy and honesty. Immensely popular with the internet generation, her art is instantly accessible and irresistibly shareable.

With a punk rock soundtrack accompanying her youth in a Catholic school, Rita’s unconventional upbringing has served to shape her immediately recognisable style. Her angst-ridden drawings are laden with sarcastic wisdom and witty commentary on life and human behaviour.

Rita’s unique look at the world is something we embrace here at Happy Socks. We love people who are inspired by the world around them, and see things just that little bit differently. We knew it would make her the perfect representative for Portugal, and her Happy Socks designs are all we hoped they’d be and more!

Local Hero - Wasted Rita

Her signature doodles stand out against a white background, with vivid red blocks on the toe, heel and upper trunk. Thought-provoking and wearable, Rita’s Happy Socks are the perfect expression of everything we stand for as a brand. We’re huge Wasted Rita fans, and if you aren't already a big fan of her we're sure you will be from now on!

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