For Fall/Winter 2017, Happy Socks main collection is a playful reflection of the passionate spirit, and the people who carry it. Their passion is an inspiration to us, and now we want to pay tribute to their unwavering determination to take the road less traveled. 

Meet Nikki Nalepa and Yanique Venezia, two creative spirits who decided to never work a day in their lives. 



Partners in passion since 2012


Nikki Nalepa was already a vintage collector par excellence when she took over Venice Beach- based vintage boutique Gotta Have It in 2012. With the help of her friend and business partner Yanique Venezia, the pair buy, sell and trade unique pieces that lure in customers from around the world.

This is a labour of love,” Nikki says. “It’s important to be passionate about what you do because you put every drop of your blood, sweat and tears into it. So if you don’t love it then it’s not worth it.”

Nikki and Yanique eat, sleep and breathe their boutique, spending more time there than in their own homes. They truly love what they do and believe anyone else who feels the same should do everything they can to pursue their own personal happiness.

Nikki and Yanique’s dedication to their passion and quest to never work a day in their life is why we choose to celebrate them as passionate spirits. 


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