At Happy Socks, passion is our driving force. We believe if you truly love what you do then it doesn’t feel like work. We eat, sleep and breathe our mission to spread happiness around the world, and are deeply influenced by other people who pursue their passions.

For Fall/Winter 2017, the main collection is a playful reflection of their spirit. Their passion is an inspiration to us, and these new designs pay tribute to their unwavering determination to take the road less traveled.


Meet our inspiration

Each week you will get the opportunity to meet the people behind our inspiration, and discover their unique perspectives on life, creativity and everything in between.


The Master Hatter - Gunner Foxx

Gunner creates unique pieces for movies, actors and musicians by using early 19th century hat making methods he learned from his grandfather.


The Street Artist - Quentin Shplinton Thomas

Sitting between abstract expressionism and surf culture, Quentin’s pieces have been displayed in galleries and museums all over the L.A. and Inland Empire areas.


The Vintage Collectors - Nikki Napela & Yanique Venezia

The pair buy, sell and trade unique vintage pieces to customers from around the world.


The Jeweller - Tini Courtney

A fine artist and jeweller who tells a story with each one-of-a-kind piece she creates.


The Chefs - Adam Midkiff and Hunter Pritchett

Chinese Pop-Up Chefs who spread delicious happiness by creating mouth watering dishes that push their creative boundaries with each serving.

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