One of the best things about Happy Socks is how easy they are to wear with practically everything! Whatever the weather, whatever your personal style, there will always be a pair that’s just right.

If you're still in need of some inspiration, just take a look at these fun ways to show off your Happy Socks!

Photo @denisee_whalee on Cherry Socks

With all black

Even if it’s one of those days when you don’t feel like standing out, you can still show off your Happy Socks in interesting but subtle ways! Use them to add a colorful touch to head-to-toe black (bonus points if you find a matching background for Instagram photos).

Photo @yutsai88 on Palm Beach Socks

With all white

Add some character to a clean white look with a pair of colorful socks. They’ll make your whites look even whiter, and your outfit look even sharper.

Photo @spacebims on Temple Socks

With matching sneakers

Matching your sneakers and socks is an art form, and if you get it right you can bring out the best in both. With so many different Happy Socks styles, you’ll be able to find a pair to match all of your sneakers!

Photo @zulemareyes on Cat Socks

With fishnets

This edgy all black look is made more playful by our cute Cat socks poking out above the sneakers!

Photo @max_lang_weightlifting on Bark Socks

In the gym

Happy Socks can be worn anytime, anywhere, and here’s the proof. With so many comfortable styles in fun color combos you never need to sacrifice style, even when lifting weights!

Let us know how you show off your Happy Socks! Upload your pics, tag us and remember to use the hashtag #HappinessEverywhere to help us find your posts.