Socks and sandals. Yes, you heard us right! The once ultimate fashion faux-pas is now the coolest combo of Spring/Summer 2017. The look made a very fashionable comeback last summer (not just with pensioners!), and is now one of the hottest trends of the season.


Socks and sandals, seriously?

If even hearing the words “socks” and “sandals” in the same sentence has you raising an eyebrow, then let us give you a bit more insight into the trend! As socks continue to grow into their status as a statement fashion accessory, it’s a shame to hide them away instead of making them a focal point of an outfit.

The solution’s simple, and has been spotted on the catwalks of some of the world’s top fashion designers. Instead of concealing your socks in a pair of shoes, show them off by wearing them with your favorite sandals! It seems like a no-brainer - especially when you live somewhere with unpredictable weather! - and when done right can create a commendably cool look that’s worthy of all the top street style stars.

How to wear socks with sandals

The key to wearing socks with sandals is to think about your outfit on the whole, and not just from the knee down! The trend can be worn with anything from a suit to casual wear, the trick is to choose stylish pieces that balance it out. And most importantly, make sure to always pick a pair of socks you’d want to show off and that complement the outfit you’re wearing! Try the trend by wearing a pair of socks in neutral tones with shorts, or a more vibrant pair with longer pants. However you choose to wear socks and sandals, wear them with confidence and you'll be sure to pull the look off!

Our new collaboration with Danish menswear brand Han Kjøbenhavn includes three pairs of Athletic socks that have been designed to be the perfect socks to wear with sandals. Each of the three pairs are inspired by 80s arcade fighting games, and are printed with yellow, purple and black Chinese symbols, which translated mean “Copenhagen”, “Highscore” and “Denmark”. It's a suitably cool collab from two of the biggest names in Scandinavian fashion, and will look perfectly on trend with a pair of sliders or Jesus sandals. The limited edition 3-pack is available at Han Kjøbenhavn's NYC store, online and in selected retailers around the world.

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