With the rise in the colorful sock trend we're beginning to see more people wearing socks that reflect their personalities. And if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that when these wardrobe essentials are noticeable, they really make a statement!

It goes without saying that socks can either be one of two things: bold or basic. It takes a certain kind of person to wear eccentric socks and show them in public—a “bold” individual. It's most often confident and successful people who wear colorful socks, and here’s why.

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First impressions really do count!

In a study on the psychology behind the relationship between clothing and impressions, it was found that it only takes three seconds of scanning someone’s clothing to create an assessment of that person. These almost-immediate impressions are about more than just how clean or friendly a person appears. We're so quick to judge someone by their appearance, starting with what they wear, because our clothing choices decide how other people treat us and how we view ourselves.

Think about a time when you met someone for the first time and what you noticed. Was it their hair? Shoes? Clothing? What usually stands out most is the brightest and most unique feature and often colors are what catch our eye at first glance. Bright colors, like the color orange, are considered an energetic and happy color. So it’s no wonder when you wear, or see someone else wear, colorful socks with funky patterns, your first impression is, “I want to get to know you!”.


Bold Patterns, Bold Person

Going back to the confidence factor — colorful socks can actually boost your self-esteem. Do you feel confident enough to wear bright Origami patterned socks visibly at your workplace? Even if no one can see your socks (which is often the case for women), there’s the lingering confidence factor, the feeling of “I know I’m wearing it and I feel amazing.” When you feel that way, you're more likely to act confident and confidence (combined with hard work!) leads to success.

Power Play at Work 

Colorful socks can also be a symbol of professional success. Stylist Lauren Rothman says “the louder the socks, the bigger the wallet,” which suggests that colorful socks are making a statement even in the business world! Entrepreneur or not, if you’re feeling bold or even spontaneous with your socks, you’re could be on the path to somewhere great! Want to test this theory? Wear these Origami or Balloon socks to your next meeting and work that boardroom!

About the writer: Katie Kuchta lives in Austin, Texas. She is a marketing guru at Modernize  , which helps feed her obsession for vintage style decor. In her free time she writes for her body-empowering blog, Inspired by Undies, and can often be found with a taco in one hand and a margarita in the other.