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How should I wash and care for my Happy Socks?

We need to protect our planet and one step is to take good care of our belongings. Including our socks.

We work hard to ensure that our socks are of the highest quality possible. However, the life span can vary depending on the care and handling of your Happy Socks.

For our regular, sneaker, dressed, and kids socks, we recommend a washing temperature of 40°C/104°F. Our Hysteria, wool socks and compression socks should be washed at a temperature of 30°C/86°F.

When caring for your socks avoid bleaching and ironing. Even though our socks are durable, they will last longer if they are kept out of the tumble dryer.

Important: When putting on your brand new pair of Happy Socks, please take the time to cut the thread on the label with a pair of scissors instead of ripping it off as this can damage the socks.