The iconic British fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes has been painting the world with her unapologetically colorful creations since the ‘60s. In 2021, she graced us with a unique gift and let us use some of her signature prints in all their gold and pink glory. Now, The Queen of Colour invites us for a second rendez-vous to share one of her most iconic prints: the Lipstick.

The Collection

The Pop Art-inspired print was created in 1967 and first featured on pinafores, trousers and large-collared tea dresses sold at The Fulham Road Clothes Shop in London – Zandra’s first store created together with the fashion designer Sylvia Ayton.

The Lipstick has been on everyone’s lips since then – featured in Valentino’s high fashion collection, on Oscar’s gala dresses, and at modern art exhibitions. It’s time for it to get on everyone’s feet as well!

Lips Sock

Zandra Rhodes 2-pack Gift Set

Lipstick Sock

Have a glimpse of Zandra Rhodes’ colorful world! Check out our social media and get to know Zandra’s thoughts about style and her exclusive tips on how to match your lipstick to the new socks from our Happy Socks x Zandra Rhodes Collection.

Q & A

We met Zandra Rhodes in her London atelier and chatted about the history of the Lipstick, fashion and her own recipe for happiness.

Tell us more about the story behind the Lipstick print that first came out in the ‘60s.

My designs in the ‘60s after leaving the Royal College of Art were incredibly figurative and influenced by the Pop Art movement. There was one particular lipstick advertisement which caught my eye and inspired me. I designed Lipstick prints for my first store with Sylvia Ayton (before I went at it alone), called The Fulham Road Clothes Shop. They were considered very extreme at the time.

Are socks an important component for you when putting together an outfit or showcasing your style? Have they always been?

Socks are a very important component of an outfit, especially Happy Socks as they make such a statement. Sometimes I build my outfit around my socks. I love the socks-and-heels look! I think these Lipsticks could look wonderful with a pair of heels, the lurex is so luxe. I never feel invisible when wearing my Happy Socks.

If you could give younger generations one piece of advice on style, color, or creativity, what would it be?

Try to be honest to yourself. Be brave and experiment but don’t stray from what makes you, you. As you get older you begin to love your style and yourself, quirks and all.

What makes you happy and inspires you?

I am happiest when designing new collections and collaborations. I am proud to still be working at the age of 82 - retiring for me was never an option, as my work is my life and my joy. I am inspired by things I see and what I draw in my sketchbooks when I am lucky enough to travel. When I am traveling for work I try to sketch at least once a day. I then reinterpret these sketches into ideas for designs.

What are your best styling tips for this collection?

Make your socks a feature of your outfit. Shorten your trousers or wear them with a skirt or strappy heels. Flaunt them!