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Anita Tillman (DEU)

Managing Partner PREMIUM Exhibitions and STATION-Berlin. Anita Tillmann has managed to turn her love of fashion into a flourishing career. After com-pleting a degree in apparel and textile manufacturing, followed by a postgraduate course in marketing, her professional journey began at Kurt Salmon, where she worked as a fashion consultant for successful fashion brands such as Joop! and Kathleen Madden.

Her main priority since founding PREMIUM in 2002 has been to further develop and nurture Berlin as a fashion capital. The city has been growing non-stop since PREMIUM first opened its doors all those years ago and has now undoubtedly established itself as an international marketplace for fashion. Tillmann’s role in this area has since grown to encompass not just promotion of the city, but the nurturing of “Fashion Made in Germany”, a mission she set out to achieve by founding the Fashion Council Germany together with other industry players.

Instagram: @premiumberlin

Anita Tillman Robot Sock

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