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  • Just in: Happy Socks x Wiz Khalifa. Shop the limited edition collab!
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Popular Colors and Patterns

Maybe you’re looking for a cure for the blues. Maybe all you’re seeing is red. Or maybe you just had a delicious orange and realized that “hey, this is a cool color too”. And maybe you want it in dazzling dots, classic stripes, or some juicy fruits and cute animals. We’ve made it easy for you to find the socks and underwear of your dreams. In true Happy Socks’ fashion, the socks and men’s underwear are made from comfy combed cotton. So gents: Choose from classic briefs, trunks, or loose-fitting boxers. Ladies: pick from hipsters in mesh or cotton, and our new cheeky fit for women. Check out the collection and find some wonderful and colorful patterns for your wardrobe.