Our mission to make the world a more creative and colorful place for all is not sustainable unless we are.

With tomorrow always on our minds, we make environmentally-friendly initiatives of all sizes become reality as we find new ways to introduce sustainable practices, and work smarter, fairer, and more responsibly.

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Looking after your socks with care is the key to making them last longer.

More time with your Happy Socks that keep looking great = less overconsumption = a happier planet! Win-win.

There are a few simple sustainable habits to keep in mind:

• To keep your socks and beachwear looking fresh longer, wash them inside out.

• For products with embellishments, use a wash bag to protect them during laundry.

• Go easy on the detergent! Too high dosing of detergent does not necessarily result in cleaner clothes, but it does have an unnecessary negative impact on the environment.

• Wanna be more eco conscious? Skip fabric softener and hang your clothes to dry instead of tumble-drying. They will last longer, and so will Mother Earth.


Although Happy Socks does not own any factories, we take the responsibility to ensure the factories we work with secure safe and fair working conditions. That is why we only work with suppliers who agree to sign our Code of Conduct – a clarification of our requirements for environmental and social equity.

Happy Socks – Happy People: from the employees in the head office in Sweden, to behind the scenes in production, all the way to customers worldwide.

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