Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Get more happiness out of your wardrobe with Limited Edition socks from Happy Socks. We've paired up with some of the most creative brands and artists in the world: The Beatles, Andy Warhol, and more.
  1. XRAM08-0100_O.png
  2. RAM01-9300.png
  3. RAM01-6700.png
  4. RAM01-1300.png

    Linda And Johnny Heart Sock

    As low as $16.00
  5. RAM03-6700.png
  6. Minecraft Gift Box

    Minecraft Gift Box

    As low as $48.00
  7. CRA01-8000.png

    Crafting Table Sock

    As low as $16.00
  8. TNT01-4300.png

    TNT Sock

    As low as $16.00
  9. XRLS08-6500_O.png
  10. XRLS08-0100_O.png

    Rolling Stones Sock Box Set

    As low as $48.00
  11. Rolling Stones Midnight Ramble Sock
  12. RLS01-9000.png
  13. Pink Panther Sock Box

    Pink Panther Sock Box

    As low as $48.00
  14. Pink Panther Collector Box Set
  15. Andy Warhol Dollar Sock

    Andy Warhol Dollar Sock

    As low as $16.00
  16. Andy Warhol Cow Sock

    Andy Warhol Cow Sock

    As low as $16.00
  17. Andy Warhol Sock Box Set

    Andy Warhol Sock Box Set

    As low as $64.00
  18. XBEA08-2000_O.png

    The Beatles Socks Box Set

    As low as $48.00
  19. Rolling Stones 6-pack Gift Box
  20. Rolling Stones Collector Box Set
  21. Rolling Stones Stripe Me Up Sock
  22. Rolling Stones Candy Kiss Sock
  23. The Beatles Collector Box Set
  24. XBEA08-6000_O.png

    The Beatles Socks Box Set

    As low as $48.00
  25. Fish & Whales Sock

    Fish & Whales Sock

    As low as $16.00
  26. XCUR08-2200_O.png

    Love Me Gift Box

    As low as $68.00
  27. 2-Pack Andy Warhol Cheeky Box Set
  28. 2-Pack Andy Warhol Trunk Box Set
  29. Andy Warhol Flower Cheeky

    Andy Warhol Flower Cheeky

    As low as $22.00
  30. Andy Warhol Banana Cheeky

    Andy Warhol Banana Cheeky

    As low as $22.00
  31. Andy Warhol Dollar Trunk

    Andy Warhol Dollar Trunk

    As low as $26.00
  32. Rolling Stones Big Licks Sock
  33. Rolling Stones Tumbling Stripes Sock
  34. Rolling Stones Beast of Burden Sock
  35. Rolling Stones Tumbling Dice Sock
Designers, artists and iconic brands come together for a common cause: To bring happiness and color into the world. With these Limited Edition socks from Happy Socks in your wardrobe, you'll rock a look that’s all your own. Or, try one of our amazing gift boxes to help your family and friends show their personalities. Remember, these are Limited Edition, so if you love them, get them before they're gone. Best of all, these collections are made with the high standards of comfort you've come to expect from Happy Socks. Put on a pair and step outside! These Limited Edition socks will put a spring in every step.