A person wearing a happy socks shirt

Happy Socks, Happy Games

In true Happy Socks spirit , we hosted our very own Happy Games to coincide with the kick-off of the UEFA European Football Championship! Several teams fought in four feet-centric games, in a battle of glory and joy.

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Two queer people staring into the camera with a fish-eye effect. They're both wearing heavy make-up, and one person is also wearing a revealing one piece suit made of Happy Pride Socks.

Do You Speak the Language?

You thought the word "Slay" came from TikTok? Think again! This year for pride, we want to give credit to the LGBTQIA+ community for influencing modern vocabulary. Our goal of spreading color and happiness to every corner or the world is only possible because we do so with our amazing community, and we see it as a part of that mission to lend our platform to these extraordinarily creative people. That’s why we've partnered with Swedish community-based production company Musoke Productions for the second year in a row. This time to highlight the impact LGBTQIA+ culture has had in shaping modern-language trends.

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A close up of a pair of feet, wearing sneakers and Several pairs of feets in a row wearing Happy Socks x Awake NY socks

Happy Socks x Awake NY: Drop 2

Happy Socks and Awake NY join forces once more to reimagine a classic wardrobe staple! Inspired by classic American athletic footwear from the ‘70s and ‘80s, we crafted our own—super-extra—version of the athletic sock! We also threw a party to celebrate.

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A pair of female legs showing from the knees down. Wearing a flowy pink and floral skirt, pink and green happy socks in a sheer sparkling material and blue high heels

Summer and Socks

In the sweltering heat of summer, the idea of wearing socks may seem foreign, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are a bunch of stylish, lightweight sock options that not only keep your feet comfortable but also elevate your summer look to new heights.

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A lot of happy socks Birthday gift set boxes on a pink background. The gift box looks like a piece of cake.

Birthday Gift Guide

Step into the world of vibrant celebration with our Birthday Socks Gift Guide! Discover the joy of gifting with socks that offer a personalized touch for all your friends, family and loved ones. Birthday gifts for mom? Or perhaps you need wife birthday gift ideas? Or boyfriend birthday gifts?

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A living room, a white couch with black dots and colorful cushions, standing against a wall covered in Happy Socks x. Rebel Walls wall papers. The wall papers are blue with white clouds on it, matching with happy socks style "cloudy sock". On the wall there's also a colorful graphic painting in purple, blue and orange.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Sometimes we find people, brands or companies that we admire a little bit extra and decide to partner up with in order to create something extraordinary. It might be socks, but many times not.

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A Happy Socks Super dad 3-pack gift set, showing both a colorful giftbox in red, yellow and blue, as well as the 3 socks within. They are placed upon a gradient green background

Mother's Day Gift Guide

This Mother's Day, go beyond the ordinary and surprise your mom with a gift that combines practicality with personality. Choose the perfect pair that aligns with her interests and style, and let every step she takes be a joyful celebration of the wonderful woman she is.

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A Happy Socks Super dad 3-pack gift set, showing both a colorful giftbox in red, yellow and blue, as well as the 3 socks within. They are placed upon a gradient green background

Happy Socks Lab meets Rave Review

Happy Socks teamed up with Rave Review to help bring to life their show at Milan Fashion Week. By repurposing disused Happy Socks’ stock and samples into new socks, tights, and warmers, a brand new look came to life in a more sustainable way.

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an image of two people wearing cool outfits and happy socks solid socks

Some Solid Style Inspo

From the runways of Copenhagen, Berlin and Milan to the streets of the world, we invited some of the most stylish people we could find to add a pop of color to their feet, and they showed us how to elevate any outfit just by upgrading the socks. Here’s your ticket to some great modern fashion inspo.

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an image from happy socks fashion show

The World’s First Sock Runway

Are you into feet? If the answer is yes, we’ve got the content for you. If the answer is no, that just means you’ve not seen this post yet. We just organized—as the first sock brand in history—our very own runway at the Berlin Fashion Week!

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A Happy Socks Super dad 3-pack gift set, showing both a colorful giftbox in red, yellow and blue, as well as the 3 socks within. They are placed upon a gradient green background

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which is nice and all, but it can be a real hassle to figure out what to give your old man. Don’t worry, comfy and funny gifts for dad are just a click away. These are the socks every father is longing for!

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Dotted socks

SS24 Highlights

We’ve just released our SS24 collection, brimming with amazing socks. From animal prints to solid color socks, this drop taps into those nice spring/summer vibes. To help you get started on your spring/summer wardrobe, we’ve hand picked a few of our favorites from the coming season with the help of our creative director, Paula.

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A purple background with white graphics and the text "zodiac sign"


The night sky and the many constellations high above have, in all likelihood, fascinated humans ever since the first caveperson decided to raise their gaze. Many thousands of years later, we’re equally inspired.

Enter the Universe
Gift boxes on a pink background


All our fabulous gift guides in one place! Are you looking for a gift for christmas, valentines or father's day? Here's carefully curated guides for all gifting occasions, ready for your browsing.

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A yellow background with text and a styled image of legs with bright blue pants, cobolt blue socks and festive shoes. The texts says " Sockphistication: the art of choosing the right silhuette"


Have you ever wondered how long crew socks are? Or how to style ankle socks? And how do you really wash wool socks? All these questions and more are answered in this nifty guide on fresh styles and clean socks. So never again will you wonder: How do I best wash socks in a washing machine?

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A pair of legs upside down in front of a colorful background of flowers in pink, purple and blue. The feet are in the air and are wearing clear blue socks with colorful leafs scattered across the design.


Happy Socks is excited to unveil a top-to-toe visual refresh to reflect the evolution of the brand and bring our signature, unexpected creativity to the forefront. To celebrate this new era of Happy Socks, we asked 18 creatives from all walks of life to share what makes them happy, our only request was that they create an image with their feet in the air.

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A person walking in front of a gradient orange background. He wears a light orange shirt, bege pants, Happy Socks Hamburger Socks and orange slippers


Through the years, we’ve seen many socks come and go. Some friends, some foes, and some that will remain forever in our hearts as timeless classics. We’re taking a look at your favorite, fun sock patterns!

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An image showing Happy Socks product designers manually dye socks as a part of Happy Socks Lab. Showing several socks in a row, laying on a table and being colored in different shades of blue.


This year's project features a limited edition of 30 hand-made tie-dyed socks, each with its own unique design, some featuring rhinestones or pearls, and others with a distressed look, made in Stockholm by the brand’s own in-house design team.

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An image showing 3 people against a colorful background. 2 people are standing up, one wearing a striped skirt with rainbow colors. The third person is posing on the floor, wearing a rainbow top, jeans and happy socks pride socks.


We believe that you are only truly yourself when you can express all of you freely. That is why this year to celebrate Pride we are taking you to a unique community, where everyone is welcome to be who they are: the ballroom scene!

Always Walk With Pride
Zandra Rhodes, wearing her iconic Pink Wig, a dress and bold jewelry. She's holding up her lip stick designed sock she created for Happy Socks


We met up with the phenomenal fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes and talked about our latest collab, inspired by one of her most iconic prints: the Lipstick.

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An image showing a woman styled with sneakers, Blue happy socks with a light pink tu tu, shorts, checkered vest, mini bag and sunglasses. She is walking across a parking lot with a grocery shopping wagon


Need some inspiration on how to style our socks? We asked fashion editor and stylist Riccardo Linarello to share his best styling tips and create some sock-centric looks to inspire your fashion adventures, whether weekend or office looks.

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A pink and red tiger-striped background with a combined logo of Happy Socks and WWF on top. Text: Raising funds together for nature with a colorful collection of Happy Socks made from Organic cotton.


Good news! We teamed up with WWF to celebrate their successes in the preservation of our wonderful planet with a more sustainable collection. Take a deep dive into the collection and read about WWF’s victories in their conservation work, from the depths of the oceans to the magnificent tropical forests.

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An Image from Max Siedentopf where there's 5 people standing in a room with pale green walls and a lot of frames on the walls. The 5 people are standing in a circle, watching a gigant foot with a striped colorful Happy Socks sock coming in from the roof.


Photographer and creator Max Siedentopf is internationally acclaimed for his ability to turn everyday pieces into something you’d never expect. We asked him to do one thing: GO WILD. And wow, did he do just that...

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