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All products

Stock up on these colorful socks and underwear and enjoy making these a part of your day. Whether it’s time to upgrade your drawer with something fun for your wardrobe essentials, or you’re looking for the perfect gift that’s sure to make them smile, Happy Socks has what you’re looking for.
  1. Dressed Multi Stripe Sock

    Dressed Multi Stripe Sock

    As low as $24.00
  2. Fruit Salad Tights

    Fruit Salad Tights

    As low as $18.00
  3. Athletic Flash Sock

    Athletic Flash Sock

    As low as $16.00
  4. Dressed Herringbone Sock

    Dressed Herringbone Sock

    As low as $24.00
  5. EAS01-2700.png

    Big Dot Sock

    As low as $14.00
  6. Hamburger Trunk

    Hamburger Trunk

    As low as $25.00
  7. Stripe Gift Box

    Stripe Gift Box

    As low as $48.00
  8. Stripe Hipster

    Stripe Hipster

    As low as $15.00
  9. Kids Bird Sock

    Kids Bird Sock

    As low as $6.00
  10. Kids Banana Sock

    Kids Banana Sock

    As low as $6.00
  11. XFOR09-8000_O.png

    Forest Gift Box

    As low as $48.00
  12. SDT114-7000-451.png

    Pool Slider Happy

    As low as $38.00
  13. SDT114-6000-441.png

    Pool Slider Stripes

    As low as $38.00
  14. SDT104-0100-451_2.png

    Bath towel

    As low as $64.00
  15. Beach Life Socks Gift Box

    Beach Life Socks Gift Box

    As low as $38.00
  16. KBAN19-6000.png
  17. SHAT01-6500.png

    Hats Sock

    As low as $14.00
  18. SPOT01-7000.png

    Pot Of Gold Sock

    As low as $14.00
  19. Forest Socks Box Set

    Forest Socks Box Set

    As low as $38.00
  20. SXSTR09-0100_O.png

    Stripe Gift Box

    As low as $48.00
  21. SXFIO09-6300_O.png

    Filled Optic Gift Box

    As low as $48.00
  22. SSTR01-6700.png

    Stripe Sock

    As low as $14.00
Expressive? Always! Boring? Never! Check out the selection of fun socks and underwear from Happy Socks. Designed in Sweden and beloved by people who want to spread joy, our bold and off-beat colors and styles help you find just the right accent to help you land your look. At the same time, our colorful socks and underwear have soft, superior comfort — everything you want and expect from these wardrobe staples. So, yes, you can show your colorful side every day of the week to friends, family and co-workers, with the unexpected pop of boldness from Happy Socks.