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Happy Socks

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Partnership in patterns

A simultaneous celebration of subtlety and eccentricity.

Komono and Happy Socks meld their creative zeal for a unique study of color, shape and time.

A happy harmony of four geometric patterns are sprinkled, dotted, dashed and bolted across two precise timepieces.

Rendered in pallets of vivid pastel or sharp monochrome, and punctuated with a 3d lenticular printed dial, the Komono X Happy Socks Winston and Estelle are aptly appointed tools to navigate time and dimension.

Offset-printed fabric bands further ensure a bold, vibrant journey.

Komono Winston Pop

Collaborating with Belgian watchmaker Komono, you can now find Happy Socks designs on a watch.

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Komono Winston Black White

This exclusive collection of watches is the brainchild of Belgian watchmaker Komono and Happy Socks.

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Komono Estelle Pop

This limited-edition watch from Happy Socks x Komono will help you stay stylish and on time.

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Komono Estelle Black White

This Estelle watch is the result of a collaboration with Happy Socks and Belgian watchmaker Komono.

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