Parents, listen to your kids. Share their passion for color and creativity with matching socks, swimwear, and gift boxes this season. Pair up and stand out with the Mini & Me styles.

Mini Me Cherry Gift Box
Cherry Sock
Mini Me Confetti Palm Gift Box
Confetti Palm Swim Shorts
Confetti Palm Long Swim Shorts
Kids Confetti Palm Swim Shorts
Banana Sock
Kids Banana Sock
Banana Swim Shorts
Kids Banana Swim Shorts
Big Dot Sock
Kids Big Dot Sock
Big Dot Swim Shorts
Big Dot Swimsuit
Big Dot Long Swim Shorts
Kids Big Dot Swim Shorts
Kids Big Dot Swimsuit
Disco Monkey Sock
Flamingo Sock
Flamingo Swimsuit
Kids Flamingo Swimsuit
Kids Leopard Sock
Leopard Swimsuit
Kids Leopard Swim Shorts
Kids Leopard Swimsuit
Toucan Sock
Toucan Swim Shorts
Kids Toucan Swim Shorts
Tiki Soda Swim Shorts
Kids Tiki Soda Swim Shorts
Rubber Duck Sock
Fruit Socks Gift Box
The Beatles Socks Box Set
The Beatles Collector Box Set
Game Night Gift Box
Big Dot Sock