Big Dot Patterns

Be the life of the party, the classroom or the office with big bold dots. Discover our lineup of big dot apparel for everyone in the family.
  1. Big Dot Sock

    Big Dot Sock

    As low as $14.00
  2. BD01-099.png

    Big Dot Sock

    As low as $14.00
  3. Big Dot Sock

    Big Dot Sock

    As low as $14.00
  4. Big Dot Sock

    Big Dot Sock

    As low as $14.00
  5. BD06-099.png

    Big Dot Liner

    As low as $12.00
  6. Big Dot Low Sock

    Big Dot Low Sock

    As low as $12.00
  7. ATBDO02-9002.png
  8. Big Dot Boxer

    Big Dot Boxer

    As low as $22.00
  9. BDO116-6001_M_2.png

    Big Dot Swim Shorts

    As low as $65.00
  10. Big Dot Sock

    Big Dot Sock

    As low as $6.00
  11. KBDO02-6500.png

    2-Pack Big Dot Socks

    As low as $10.00
  12. KBDO19-6500.png
  13. SDT114-6300-600.png

    Pool Slider Dot

    As low as $38.00
  14. BD38-099-001.png

    Big Dot Liner Sock

    As low as $12.00
Like tiny bubbles of joy, polka dot socks and tights bring a playful and carefree accent to any child’s colorful outfit. Even grownups feel fun and casual when ordinary socks, boxers and panties get a dose of dots. Get those happy vibes going while you dress for school, work or for a day out and fill your top drawer with polka dot socks and big dot underwear. Beneath the happy dots, you'll find the supreme comfort of high-quality cotton. Discover the joys of Swedish design, and the quality, breathable comfort and great fit that’s there for you all day.