Nature Patterns

Show your true stylish nature with colorful floral socks and underwear from Happy Socks. Discover the unique selection and find your favorite pair today.
  1. Flower Power Sock

    Flower Power Sock

    As low as $8.40 Regular Price $14.00
  2. Flower Power Cheeky

    Flower Power Cheeky

    As low as $11.40 Regular Price $19.00
  3. Flower Power Boxer

    Flower Power Boxer

    As low as $13.20 Regular Price $22.00
  4. 2-Pack Acorn Terry Socks

    2-Pack Acorn Terry Socks

    As low as $6.00 Regular Price $10.00
  5. XFOR09-8000_O.png

    Forest Gift Box

    As low as $28.80 Regular Price $48.00
We love design, but no one loves design as much as Mother Nature. And she’s brilliant at it! From cute squirrels with bushy tails, to trippy mushrooms and colorful flowers, our styles are inspired by the best nature has to offer. But the patterns wouldn't be as great without the comfy fit and feel of the socks and underwear. The socks and men’s underwear are made from combed cotton. So guys: stay classic with briefs and trunks or keep it loose with boxers. Ladies: go with hipsters in mesh or cotton, our keep it wrinkle-free with the new cheeky fit. All together now: find your new unique, colorful patterns for your wardrobe.