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Our standard shipping option is DHL for the US and Deutsche Post for all other countries.

Please note that during sales and the holiday season (November/December) delivery times can be longer than stated below.

Ship to country/regionStandard delivery time (working days)Standard shipping feeFree shipping threshold (for standard) DHL delivery time (working days)DHL shipping fee
Australia15-209.95 AUD75 AUD - -
Austria3-53.95 EUR45 EUR36.95 EUR
Belgium3-53.95 EUR45 EUR16.95 EUR
Croatia8-104.95 EUR45 EUR48.95 EUR
Czech Republic5-6100 CZK1000 CZK2159 CZK
Denmark4-639 DKK450 DKK379 DKK
Estonia5-84.95 EUR45 EUR48.95 EUR
Finland4-64.95 EUR45 EUR59.95 EUR
France3-64.95 EUR45 EUR38.95 EUR
Germany3-52.95 EUR45 EUR24.95 EUR
Hungary5-84.95 EUR45 EUR48.95 EUR
Ireland4-64.95 EUR45 EUR3-48.95 EUR
Israel10-129.95 USD65 USD - -
Italy5-84.95 EUR45 EUR2-48.95 EUR
Japan6-101,090 JPY7,990 JPY - -
Latvia5-84.95 EUR45 EUR48.95 EUR
Lithuania5-84.95 EUR45 EUR3-48.95 EUR
Luxemburg3-54.95 EUR45 EUR26.95 EUR
Netherlands - - 45 EUR14.95 EUR
New Zealand15-209.95 USD65 USD - -
Norway5-859 NOK499 NOK - -
Poland5-84.95 EUR45 EUR26.95 EUR
Portugal5-84.95 EUR45 EUR3-48.95 EUR
Singapore15-209.95 USD65 USD - -
Slovakia4-64.95 EUR45 EUR3-48.95 EUR
Slovenia4-64.95 EUR45 EUR3-48.95 EUR
South Korea12-2010,100 KRW79,000 KRW - -
Spain5-84.95 EUR45 EUR38.95 EUR
Sweden4-649 SEK450 SEK2-489 SEK
Switzerland3-54.95 CHF55 CHF - -
Taiwan Region10-159.95 USD65 USD - -
United Arab Emirates10-159.95 USD65 USD - -
United Kingdom4-63.95 GBP45 GBP - -
USA2-54.95 USD55 USD - -