We are on a journey

Our ambition to make the world a happier and more colorful place is not sustainable unless we are. It’s time for the fashion industry to change, and we have a part to play.

We are committed to constantly making improvements towards better sustainability in every aspect of what we do. This planet is a pretty great place after all, let’s keep it that way.

Our goals

These are our main sustainability goals.

1. By 2025, at the Latest, All Our Cotton Will Be More Sustainably Sourced.

For us that means Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton and Better Cotton.

In 2022 40% of our cotton was more sustainably sourced, a figure that’s seeing an increase this year!

2. By 2030, All of Our Materials Will Be Recycled or Sustainably Sourced.

For us that means materials that are secured by a recognized reliable third party through certifications and trademarks.

In 2022, 41% of the material that we used were recycled or more sustainably sourced, a number that grows by the year. Until we reach 100%!

Right now we use Organic Cotton, Better Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Tencel™ Modal, Recycled Polyamide and Recycled Polyester. We’re constantly on the lookout for new, sustainable materials to use in our products!

3. By 2030, We Will Reduce Our Emissions By 50%*

This goal focuses on all types of emissions, be it from material production, manufacturing socks, transports, marketing products, retail stores and so on.

As it stands, we are well on track and have already seen significant reductions. We are continuously improving our way of measuring and working.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is key for lowering our emissions. The vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors come from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

In 2022, we used 52% renewable energy in our production, while 57% of the energy in our retail stores and offices were renewable. We are committed to the goal of having all our energy be renewable before 2030.

*Compared to the starting year 2020.

Our more sustainable materials

Why “more”? Because there are no sustainable materials, only better or worse, and we keep searching for the best options for our products.


Organic Cotton

Since 2018, our Kids Range has been made from organic cotton: better for the planet, and better for their little feet. More and more of our adult styles are made from organic cotton too, check out our classic collection, solid socks and most of our collaborations.

Better Cotton.

We joined Better Cotton in 2021. Together, we are committed to improving cotton farming practices globally. The percentage of Better Cotton in our socks is increasing every year. Read more about our work and the percentage of Better Cotton in our Impact Report.

Recycled Cotton
Old is the new new! Curiosity is at our core, and we keep testing new ways of working. In 2023 we introduced our first box containing socks made from a recycled cotton blend.

Check out our styles with more sustainable cotton


TENCEL™ Modal 

In 2022 we introduced a new material to our socks: TENCEL™ Modal. It’s made from wood converted into a fiber by dissolving it in a nontoxic solvent and then spinning it into yarn. Compared to conventional cotton, TENCEL™ Modal has a lower environmental impact because it requires less water and energy to produce, and the solvent is recycled and reused, resulting in minimal waste and emissions.

Check out our styles made with wood blends


Recycled Polyamide

All our Kids socks are made from both organic cotton and recycled polyamide: a light & durable material that has been diverted from becoming waste and given a second life.

Recycled Polyester
Our swim shorts are made from 100% recycled polyester: a light & durable material that has been diverted from becoming waste and given a second life.

Check out our styles made with recycled blends

Less plastic

We’ve removed plastic windows from gift sets, and mailer bags are now made from recycled plastic. 

In 2020 we removed plastic hooks from the Kids range and in 2023 we removed them altogether, to be replaced by a new paper hook on the label instead. That’s a lot less plastic. We’ll keep working on ways to reduce our use of plastic until we reach zero!

Would you like to know more?

Read about our sustainability work in our Impact Report

Read the report for 2022/23 here

Highlights from the report

We Are On Track

We have set ourselves some ambitious goals when it comes to transforming our business to be more sustainable. The good news is that we are on track to reaching these goals. Every increase in the percentage of recycled or sustainably sourced materials helps us towards becoming a more responsible company. In 2022 we made great progress on that journey. While each of these changes in itself is relatively small, together they help us maintain our momentum towards sustainability.

Cutting Our Emissions in Half

We set our sustainability goals a few years back but in 2022 we added another one, which is to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% before 2030*. We are continuously measuring our progress here and sticking to a globally recognised framework to make sure we are following global business standards.

*compared to our starting year 2020


There’s a New Material in Town

In 2022 we added a new material to some designs—TENCEL™ Modal. This new kid on the block not only offers great comfort, but since it is made from wood from certified forests—in what is known as a ‘closed loop’ process—it has less impact on the environment. The production process requires less water, chemicals and energy—which is a win for everyone. Not only that, but it is a comfortable material, so perfect for socks.

Collab With WWF

In 2022 we launched a collaboration with WWF—who have been making a real difference in the field of conservation for many years. The collection of eight new designs celebrated some of these successes in characteristically bold designs—while raising money for more great work from WWF.

Let’s do this, all of us!

Care for your socks properly and they'll last longer


While we carry a big onus and responsibility towards our planet, don’t forget that you, too, can make a difference. Something so small as caring for your socks and making them last longer is a great step towards a more sustainable society.

Looking after your socks with care is the key to making them last longer!
More time with your Happy Socks equals less overconsumption, which in turn means more energy saved! It’s a win-win.

Did you know that your socks get stiff and boring if you wash them over 40 degrees? Read more simple and sustainable habits to keep in mind here:

Read our care instructions here

Taking Responsibility

Although Happy Socks does not own any factories, we take responsibility to ensure the factories we work with are secure, safe and offer fair working conditions. That is why we only work with suppliers who agree to sign our Code of Conduct—a clarification of our requirements for environmental and social equity.

Since 2021, all our factories are evaluated through Amfori* BSCI and BEPI programmes, which gives us the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the supply chain performance from both social and environmental aspects. Amfori also supports us with third-party auditing.

In 2022 we joined Worldfavor’s platform, to help us to increase our transparency throughout our supply chain. Through Worldfavor we map out environmental aspects, percentage of renewable energy, how they work with water and chemicals, and social aspects like workers’ conditions regarding living wages and safety aspects.

In 2023 we partnered up with Carbonfact that provides us with data on the footprint of all our products through Life Cycle Assessments; this goes for all of our socks, from cradle to grave.

*Amfori is an initiative aimed at improving working conditions in the global supply chain. 

Read more about our work in our Impact reportRead our Code of conduct here: