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In the Mood to Move

Our SS24 collection is finally here, and this time, it’s all about dance and movement. We talked a little bit about the inspo for the drop in our previous blog post, so this time we thought we’d focus more on some individual socks from our new collection. Once again, we’ve enlisted the help of our creative director, Paula, to walk us through some of her favorite picks of the season.

Without further ado, let’s get this party started!


Check these stripes

What are those?

So this sneaker sock is a unique case, because it hits just in the sweet spot between being both low-key and “Happy Socks” flashy. They’ll certainly raise an eyebrow or two, but won’t scare the life out of your poor step-grandma, either. The colors also go surprisingly well together; the white base, the pink line and the somewhat subtle green and black checkered pattern come together in a new and fresh way. When designing these socks, we wanted something distinctly athletic, but still Happy Socks-y.

Cool! What are the best features and benefits of sneaker socks?

So our sneaker socks are made with arch support, meaning they’re super snug and fit. They’re also made with a ribbed heel to make sure they stay up even when you’re out and about. Also, I think sneaker socks also make for great office wear.


Get ripped

Small surprise that these socks would be a favorite, they’re very different! What’s the deal here?

We’re always experimenting with new sock expressions, and we’ve found that socks, much like jeans, actually look pretty good when torn. So that’s how we’ve ended up with this shredded sock. The easiest way to get ripped, without even going to the gym, hahah. You still shouldn't skip leg day, though.


All we are saying

These socks are also really cool, is that a special material?

Right, so this sock features an embossed print—meaning we’ve used a technique involving pressure and heat to raise up part of the print. The peace signs, in this case.”

Is it connected to any current trends?

Yes, we took a lot of inspiration this season from festivals and music, which is something we’ve seen people really clamor for. So we thought this print was perfect. Even if Woodstock is no more, Sockstock is always on, so to speak.”



Patterned socks! Now we’re talking! Why do you like these crocodile socks?

Our animal socks are always super popular, but we wanted to shake it up a little bit with this design. So it’s both somewhat traditional in how the pattern is structured, but the actual illustration is both playful and a little odd. In a good way. It just stands out. Add the multicolor aspect and this sock just feels fun. A classic Happy Sock. You could even be a little cheeky and pair it with business casual outfits.

Solid color socks

Is that a single color socks? How do you style that, for those of us who’ve only ever worn colorful, patterned socks?

This is something that perhaps is a little unexpected, coming from Happy Socks, but to be fair, we’re all about color, and this sock definitely comes in one of the colors of all time. We’ve released a whole bunch of solid color socks, but they go super hard with almost any outfit. They’re absolutely perfect for combining with a more subdued, monochrome outfit to still enable that pop of color, even in an office environment if you need business socks. And here’s a cool style tip, you can combine a single, solid colored Happy Sock with a patterned sock of the same base color, for a really cool asymmetric look!

Thank you so much, Paula, for sharing some of your favorite socks from the SS24 collection.

My pleasure. I have a few more favorites, but some were already featured in the sneak peek we did for the last blog post, so go check that out!

Indeed, and even then, these were just a handful of the socks from the SS24 collection. There are a lot of amazing socks out there just waiting to be discovered, so make sure to have a look around.

Now go out and touch some festival-grass!

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