Our mission, to spread happiness and color to every corner of the world, is not sustainable unless we are.

We are committed to making our planet a happier place for all by striving to reduce our ecological footprint step by step.

A Green Step

Happy Socks is still early in its Sustainability Journey, but clear and active steps have been taken to become a more sustainable company in all aspects of work. Download our first Sustainability Report (2019).

Take care of your loved ones

A good way to be environmentally friendly is to extend the usage of your clothes. The label indicates the highest temperature to use, but most detergents and modern washing machines clean your laundry just as well in lower temperatures. Too high dosing of detergent may not result in cleaner socks but has an unnecessary impact on the environment. Skip fabric softener and hang your socks to dry instead of tumble-drying your garments. They will last longer, and so will Mother Earth.


Although Happy Socks does not own any of the factories making its products, it does not mean we are not responsible for how they operate. Happy Socks – Happy People: from people in the head office in Sweden, to behind the scenes in production, all the way to customers worldwide. To make sure that this is something guaranteed all the way, we only work with suppliers who agree to sign our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is a clarification of our requirements for environmental and social equity.